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American-Made Christmas

Back in 2014, we welcomed our baby boy, Oliver, into the world. Across from us in the hospital my friend, Kaleena Messer, and her husband, Tim, welcomed their little girl, Ellie on the very same day. So, what does all of this have to do with Christmas? Well, Ellie and her mother started making Christmas ornaments to help pay for Ellie's therapy tools. You see, while Ellie was further along than her peers in speech and motor skills, around her first birthday, Ellie seemed to regress. Now, age three, there are many indicators that Ellie is autistic, or somewhere on the spectrum. 

Unsatisfied with other avenues of child care for little Ellie, Kaleena is now a stay-at-home mother, and best friend to her daughter. As stated earlier, in an effort to defray the costs of therapy, and other related expenses, the ornament creation business began. In addition to learning to craft, Ellie is learning the importance of giving back. 

To that end, at the request of the Messer family, the money raised by selling the ornaments seen on our website will not only help Ellie, but will also benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central, Ohio. A friend of the Messer family, Ashton Zari, age seven, has decided, in lieu of birthday gifts for his eighth birthday, to collect donations for this special charity! Due to his chronic kidney disease, Ashton has called the Ronald McDonald house his home for many surgeries over the years, and thanks to the RMH, his family has been by his side for every one. Ashton's family has even set up a Go Fund Me page to raise money towards their $20,000 goal. 

To view or purchase an ornament, click here. To find out more about Ashton's journey, click here to visit his website, or visit his Go Fund Me page. View Ashton's video below.

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