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Election is over... thank goodness!

At long last, the election is over. Maybe we can now return to the mundane tasks of life without being bombarded by ads. Simple things like checking the mail without weeding through flyers from every candidate known to man, or watching a YouTube video without waiting for a 30 second ad telling you how despicable the other person is. Maybe, just maybe, the election fatigue will subside, and we can move ahead.

So, what does that look like for small business? We shall see. We are cautiously optimistic that consumers will be more relaxed now that we know who will be at the helm for the next 4 years. We are very optimistic that our goal of promoting American-made products will continue to grow, and catch on more and more.

We are hopeful that we, the American people, can cease looking at each other as hyphenated Americans, but as Americans. Who knows... history may judge this as a pivot back to free market principles, and the return of a booming American economy!

 Cautiously Optimistic,

White Harvest Living


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