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Now we're up in the big leagues... almost!

Well, here we are... gearing up for our grand opening, which is Friday, May 12, in case you were wondering. It all feels so surreal. In fact, we found ourselves driving by the store today to see our newly hung sign, and to remind ourselves of the fact that this is really happening! While it may seem small to some people, this has been our dream for several years now, so to see it come to fruition is beyond words!

I read an article today about another budding entrepreneur, he made the point that, yes there is a risk of losing your investment in your new business, but there is greater risk in not even trying! I agree wholeheartedly. There is always a danger in breaking from the norm, but how many people have changed the world by sticking to the routine and mundane? 

The inverse of that point, we've also benefited from so many that have spoken encouragement when we needed it the most. To all of you we say, THANK YOU! It bolsters our confidence in our decision to start this business when people come in and say, "what a beautiful store," or, "how did you manage to find all of these great things that are all made in the US," or, "we're so glad you are here." Affirmation is a powerful thing!! In this case, it communicates to us that maybe we are slightly less crazy than originally thought. 

Speaking of affirmation, it is super fantastic to be on the receiving end, but it is even better to give away. We've had the opportunity to do that very thing since we've opened. For example, we recently hosted a trunk show for two sisters, Lavada Rowe and Lisa Bennett, that are just getting started with their own businesses. Like us, they are "sidepreneurs," meaning they have formed their companies while maintaining their 9-5's. Seeing the joy when customers complemented their work was great because we now know how they feel. Or another instance happened just this weekend when two young ladies dropped in the shop. Little did I know that a one Beth Hughes and I would soon be talking business and that we would end up carrying her line of candles! Now we are a proud stockist of Little Light Co. candles, made in Athens, GA by Beth. Again, it was such a treat to lend an endorsement, of sorts, to her talents. 

We hope that this upward trend continues, and that more people will find us in person, or on the web, and that they too will like what they see!

Please make plans to join us this Friday for the ribbon cutting ceremony at 10 am. 


Waylon & Nicole Chastain


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