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Spinning Heads!

For anyone that has started a website or a business, or a business website, you are familiar with the amount of information that is out there for "helpful tips" to help your business grow. One source will tell you that Social Media is the best route to get noticed online and make sales, while another insists that proper Search Engine Optimization is the way to go and that Social Media should be secondary. Of course there are so many elements that go into any of the options to make sure that your business gets noticed. A business, like a garden, must be constantly cultivated, pruned, fertilized, etc. But where does one start? Well, I would think with the seed.

I recently read a fantabulous book called Start With Why, by Simon Sinek. In it the author speaks to the importance of knowing your "Why." Whether it is a business, a movement, non-profit, etc. the person/people in charge must have a clear understanding of why they are doing something well before the what or how they do it enter in the picture. So, what then is our why

I would have to say that we have a firm belief that shopping American can, and should be simplified, centralized, and beautified. This is why we started White Harvest Living! Curating a good product selection, displaying it nicely, and showcasing local talent is what we do. The use of technology, the leveraging of Social Media, and bringing the right people on board with the proper skill sets is how we do it. Why we do it, however, is because we think it needs to be done. There is such an abundance of talented people, with wonderful stories and creations to share. Why shouldn't we be the ones to offer the platform! It is a win/win.

Sleepless in Highlands, NC, yet again!

Waylon Chastain

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