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The Olympics are coming to Highlands this weekend!

Anxiety, mayhem, pandemonium…  they seem to be ruling the conversation around Highlands over the last few months as we look forward to the eclipse happening this Monday. There is handwringing over whether businesses should be open the day of and if so what limited hours etc. etc. We here at White Harvest have been contemplating this very same thing as we don't want to miss an opportunity to make new customers and expand our customer base. However, we have also been susceptible to the apprehension over what to do. That being said, we are going to try to be open Monday, even if it's for a limited hours.

The level of preparation that has gone into this event is as if Highlands were hosting the Olympics. The warning of power outages, internet crashes, lack of food, limited access to restrooms, etc. You expect some haggard man on the street corner screaming that the end is nigh... of course, there is still time! 

Bravely going into the darkness,

Waylon & Nicole

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