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Lavender Neck Pillow-Damask

Lavender Neck Pillow-Damask

Between the divine smell of the natural lavender flowers in our neck pillows and the beautifully printed, soft fabric, buyers are naturally drawn to this item. When folks realize they can be microwaved or used cold, they are sold.

A few notes that make our neck pillows a bit different: Each year we carefully choose the softest 100% cotton flannel we can find with an appealing pattern. We fill with organic flax seed along with organic lavender flowers. The flax seed provides a long lasting and deep penetrating heat while the lavender flowers provide the calming and soothing aromatherapy. For ease of use and to ensure even distribution of the weight of the pillow we have sewn two seams into the pillow approximately 7 inches in from each end. This prevents all of the flax seed and lavender flowers from bunching toward one end.

Our neck pillows are approximately 27 inches long by 5 inches wide and weigh approximately 1lb 14oz. Use instructions are provided on the included tag.

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