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Maroon Merino Wool Infinity Pocket Scarf

Maroon Merino Wool Infinity Pocket Scarf

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This Maroon Merino wool infinity scarf is a true level of comfort to keep you nice and warm. Plus has the Poppy Stock® Hidden Pocket! 

The hidden pocket can hold, glasses, lip balm, and much more! Perfect for traveling as it can fit your passport!

**Did you know Merino is an ancient breed of sheep and one of the toughest?**

Wear this scarf any way you'd like, leave it long, wrap in once, twice, hide the pocket, or show it proudly. This pocket closes with a zipper. 


Medium weight fabric – Soft with a small stretch -- Merino wool is a natural fiber so can see small fibers on the scarf and this is normal. 


Machine wash, cool/warm - line dry


Approximately 11" Wide and 72” Circumference (hangs from the neck about 36" from your neck. Pocket size is 9”x 7”. Please Note **Patent Pending**


Fabric is 100% Merino Wool -- Each Scarf has a small tag on the inside of the pocket.

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