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Roux Maison Delicate Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent 16 oz.

Roux Maison Delicate Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent 16 oz


Delicate clothing requires extra gentle laundry detergent to keep it in its best condition. With no harsh chemicals or fragrances, Roux Maison Delicate Detergent is always gentle on clothes and skin. It provides an all-natural solution to removing perspiration salts, body odors and stains common to your most fragile items.

  • For machine or hand washing all of your finest washables: lingerie, hosiery and shapewear in all of their different specialty fabrics, both natural and synthetic.
  • Safeguards fine and fragile washables so they retain their shape and wear as well and as long as possible.
  • An alternative and replacement to the expensive and destructive chemical exposure from dry cleaning. 
  • Your clothes will last their longest and wear better.   

Exceptionally pure with no masking ingredients.

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