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Roux Maison Stain Remover- 1 oz.

Roux Maison Stain Remover- 1 oz.


Roux Maison Stain Remover effectively treats and removes many types of organic and inorganic stains without causing fabrics to deteriorate prematurely. From red wine to grass stains, Roux Maison’s natural Stain Remover lifts stains from your favorite garments without the use of harsh chemicals, bleach or optical brighteners.

  • Gentle on fabrics and eliminates most stains
  • Designed to work with all Roux Maison laundry detergents
  • Safe for use on most fabrics. If unsure, test first on an inside seam prior to use and let sit no more than 15 minutes.


  • For best results, check for stains and pre-treat them by applying directly to stained areas. Allow to sit for at least 15-20 minutes prior to washing as usual. Always re-check for stains prior to drying as heat will set any remaining stains.

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