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shave kit

Shave Kit - Large

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While we would never endorse shaving one's grizzly beard, there are those times in a man's life that do call for a smooth close shave. If you must, then you might as well shave like a full-grown man and go straight for the classic double-edge razor.

This twist-to-open butterfly safety razor feels good in the hand and has enough heft to gently knock back those whiskers without the need to apply pressure like many modern razors. The unsurpassed sharpness and durability of the platinum-plated stainless steel blades have been widely trusted by barbers for years over the those overpriced and gimmicky multi-blade disposable cartridges. Enjoy a clean and comfortable shave with less waste. You'll definitely be green as you save some dough and the environment.

You will also need a proper brush and soap to lather up. Thus, the boar's hair brush. Its use will soften and lift your beard, help with trapped hairs, and gently exfoliate your skin in preparation for a razor.

This Shaving gift set comes nicely packaged in a beautiful wooden gift box. Each piece fits snug into a custom foam insert to keep everything looking good and tidy.  

So if you need to look respectable in front of a judge, or while getting hitched, or while getting hitched in front of a judge; then this is the shaving kit for you.


- Chrome Plated Brass Razor
- Set of 5 Astra or Gillette Superior Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades
- Shave Soap Travel Tin
- Official Man Card Travel Strop
- Wood Gift Box

Each piece fits perfectly into a custom foam insert with a cork liner.

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